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    Snowscooter Tour

    Discover the untouched corners of Svalbard on a snowmobile.

    Driving a snowscooter is a great way to experience the beauty of the landscape while embarking on a unique adventure. After only a short distance, you leave civilisation behind and find yourself in the middle of the Arctic. At the wheel of a snowscooter, you can discover unique parts of Svalbard that you can't reach by other means.

    Snowscooter tours are part of both our week and day tours.

    What are the requirements for driving a snowscooter?

    To drive a snowscooter on Svalbard you must be at least 18 years old and have a class B driving licence. Driving a snowscooter is an exciting but sometimes challenging activity. Therefore, before each tour, there is a detailed briefing on the handling of the vehicle as well as the necessary safety tips by our trained staff.

    If you follow these, you will feel safe after a short time and can fully engage in the experience.

    Do I need special equipment for a snowscooter tour?

    No, on our snowscooter tours you will be provided with special clothing designed for the Arctic temperatures and weather conditions. This includes a thermal suit with boots, mittens and helmet. You are only responsible for warm clothing underneath the suit. These are, for example, long pants or thick woollen socks.

    You will receive a detailed packing list for the Arctic winter after booking a tour.


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