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    Transportation & Logistics

    Logistic support for your project

    We are happy to support your project with transport and logistics on Svalbard. Whether it's transport for ski tours, support for film productions, logistics in and around Longyearbyen, or equipment rental, we are happy to help. Simply contact us with your project idea:

    Transport for ski tours and expeditions

    Do you need transport for your ski tour on Svalbard? Every year we take ski groups out into the wilderness by snowmobile and pick them up again after their adventure. We offer such transport in the winter season between February and May, inside and outside Area 10. Whether you are planning Svalbard på langs with pickup in Verlegenhuken (approx. 300km from Longyearbyen), want to get to the east coast, are planning your ski tour in the vicinity of Longyearbyen, or want a re-supply during your trip, we are happy to look at options and possibilities to support your tour as much as possible.

    Support for expedition ships

    For several years we have been supporting various expedition ships and providers in the summer: We are happy to organise transportation for your guests, set up a "welcome desk" in Longyearbyen, organise luggage transfers and storage and much more. A single point of contact for all guest-related logistics in Longyearbyen to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We are also happy to offer sightseeing tours in Longyearbyen as well as pre- and post-cruise programmes. We also rent out rubber boots for smaller ships.

    Support for scientists

    Are you coming to Longyearbyen as a scientist and need a guide or polar bear guard so that you can concentrate fully on your work? Or would you like to get to a specific area or are you looking for a ship for your project? We are happy to provide polar bear guards and guides to lead you through the wilderness of Svalbard and onto glaciers, and will also be happy to help you find a suitable ship for your project.

    Support for film productions and documentaries

    Spitzbergen Reisen has often been on television - and just as much footage has been created with our support. ZDF, Arte, Galileo, Kika, private film makers, recordings for adverts and documentaries... The list is long. We are also happy to accompany your film crew through Longyearbyen and out into the wilderness to capture landscape and animal footage (no close-up of polar bears) and take you to places that would otherwise remain inaccessible. Feel free to contact us and let us know your desired shots and we will see what is possible.

    Equipment rental and storage

    We are happy to support your project with our equipment hire service. From tents and camping equipment to sledges, snowshoes and kayaks, our camp has plenty to offer. Contact us for equipment hire. We are also happy to help you store your equipment.