Dark season in Svalbard
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    Dark Season

    1. January - 31. January

    From beginning of November till the end of January, Svalbard is covered in costant darkness. But it is brighter than you might think. The moon and the stars illuminate the snowy landscape and the magical northern lights are dancing in the sky. The aurora borealis has the power to steal your mind and bring it to distant worlds of fairy tales and northern sagas. The northern lights come and go as they please. They depend on solar flaires and can be observed only under a cloud free sky.

    Come and visit Svalbard in the dark season. The moon, billions of stars and the northern lights are shining with an ice-cold light in a crystal-clear sky. Enjoy a view on the northernmost town in the world, lit up in a warm, homey light. There, in Longyearbyen, a hot drink, a delicous meal and a cosy bed is waiting for you after a cold day out in nature.

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