Ship expeditions in Svalbard
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    Expedition cruise on Svalbard

    Explore the beauty of the Arctic nature by ship

    Many of Svalbard's natural wonders are only accessible by boat during the summer months. The Arctic landscape with glaciers, fjords, mountains and wildlife such as polar bears, walruses and seals is unique and breathtaking. A ship expedition to Spitsbergen offers the perfect opportunity to explore this beauty.

    What to expect on a ship expedition

    On a ship expedition to the far north of Spitsbergen you will explore the Arctic on foot and by Zodiac - an inflatable boat specially created for ice use in extreme conditions. The ship serves as a means of transportation, accommodation and restaurant in one and promises adventure with simultaneous comfort and is our starting point for daily activities - every day in a different place.

    On the regular shore excursions, the wild landscape and wildlife of the Arctic can be experienced. Possible sightings of polar bears, walruses or arctic foxes are a unique motive especially for photographers.

    Why small ships are the best choice for an expedition

    Come with us on a spectacular voyage of discovery to the remotest corners of the high Arctic. With selected partners, we conduct expedition trips every year. The expedition ships are specially designed for small groups to make the experience as authentic as possible. The small ship size and shallow draft also allow us to reach remote locations that cannot be reached by large expedition ships.

    Accompanied by our experienced Spitsbergen Reisen Guides, we explore the archipelago with you personally, individually and off the beaten tourist track.

    Discover our ship expedition: