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    Filmteam in Svalbard

    Svalbard videos

    Good movies and videos from Svalbard (mostly in German)

    Svalbard - On Expedition in the Arctic (in German)


    In the Arctic summer, filmmakers Silke Schranz and Christian Wüstenberg plan to circumnavigate Spitsbergen in a fishing boat converted into an expedition ship. They document their journey with two cameras and discover a unique world of ice, snow and glaciers, which is threatened by climate change as never before. Our guide Chris Bruttel was on board. Watch the film on Vimeo:

    Go to Vimeo

    or get the DVD directly from the filmmakers at


    Of all places, Norway (in German)


    The visually stunning documentary "Ausgerechnet Norwegen" follows German emigrants who have settled in Oslo, Tromsø and Svalbard. The team from ZDF also accompanied us and our work for a week in summer and winter.

    The film is available in the media center with many great pictures and stories from Norway and Spitsbergen. (In German only).

    Culture and Climate change on Svalbard | ZDF


    Every year Svalbard hosts the world's northernmost chamber music festival. This documentary gives wonderful insights into the life and work of the artists, the culture of Svalbard and the life of its inhabitants.

    Take a Tour of a Soviet-Era Ghost Town at the Edge of the World (German)


    Let yourself be fascinated by the Soviet ghost town of Pyramiden, which was abandoned in 1998. Today, a handful of people live there again, keeping the place in shape, and one of them gives a unique insight into a life at the end of the world.

    Svalbard: A live in the mostnorthern Island of the world (German)


    With Spitzbergen Reisen on expedition


    Celebrating St. Patrick's Day at 17°80°