Northern Lights - Experience the Polar Night
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    Svalbard - Experience the Polar Night


    Experience the polar night of Svalbard.

    Perpetual darkness, the brilliant light of the stars and the moon above the snow-covered landscape and then suddenly a colourful spectacle of red, green and blue. The Arctic Northern Lights are a wonderful natural spectacle that you will enjoy with a little luck on our 4-day Northern Lights Tour.

    From November to January, Svalbard is in the dark season with its continuous night. This is the perfect opportunity to have a chance to see the northern lights at any time of the day or night. In addition, the solar storms that trigger the Northern Lights when they collide with the Earth's magnetic field are most active at this time.

    During these days you will actively get to know Svalbard. Snowscooters, dog sleds and snowshoes are the preferred means of transport on our island in winter. During our Northern Lights Tour, you will also use these to set off into the Arctic wilderness. With any of our activities, you'll have the chance to see the dancing colours of the Northern Lights in the night sky or encounter the exciting wildlife of reindeer, polar bears and Arctic foxes.

    Are you ready to embark on your winter Svalbard adventure?

    Day 1

    Arrival and Sightseeing

    Welcome to Svalbard! We will pick you up at the airport in Longyearbyen and take you to your accommodation in the city. Afterwards, you will get to know the diversity of the northernmost small town in the world on an exciting guided tour. Feel the special atmosphere of the place. Take a deep breath of the clear Arctic air and let the tranquillity and cosiness of the dark time take effect on you.

    Day 2

    Snow-Hike on the glacier

    Day 3

    Dog sled tour

    Day 4

    Experience the polar night by snowscooter

    Day 5




    DZ: 26.500 NOK p.P.

    EZ: 29.700 NOK p.P.


    Tour length: 5 Days

    This tour can be done between the following months:

    • January

    Please contact us to arrange an exact time frame.


    No special previous knowledge is needed but a medium level of fitness is required to participate in this tour.

    Program activities are always weather dependent and the implementation of scheduled activities may be changed or cancelled due to safety concerns.


    This tour can be done between the following months:

    • January - January

    Please contact us to arrange an exact time frame.

    Private tour:

    For groups we are happy to offer private tours, which can be freely designed in terms of content. Together we can put together a program exactly according to your wishes and ideas. A private tour is somewhat more expensive, but offers many advantages and privileges both in the program design, as well as in the implementation of the trip here on Svalbard.

    Discover the Arctic privately with your friends!

    Included in the tour price

    • All entrance fees and charges according to the program on Svalbard
    • All tours and activities according to program on Svalbard
    • Guide with safety equipment
    • Private airport transfers in Longyearbyen
    • All nights with breakfast on Svalbard

    Not included in the tour price

    • Flights
    • Travel and health insurance with emergency repatriation (Search and rescue insurance is covered by Spitzbergen Reisen)
    • Additional drinks (soft drinks & alcoholic beverages)
    • Additional meals in Longyearbyen


    • A valid passport and travel health insurance must be present.
    • Program events are always weather dependent and the implementation of scheduled activities may be modified or cancelled due to safety concerns.
    • If there are northern lights, we can also spontaneously once leave the settlement by car to admire the dancing spectacle in the sky outside the lights of the city.
    • To drive a snowmobile you need a valid class B driver's license under the "Vienna Convention on Road Traffic of 1968" act. The driver's license must always be carried with you when we are out and about with the snowmobiles.
    • Polar bears are protected on Svalbard and must not be searched for or disturbed. Sightings are unlikely during this time of year, never guaranteed, and you must keep your distance from polar bears for safety reasons. The legal distance is 300 metres in summer and 500 metres in winter.
    • If the minimum number of participants is not reached one month before the start of the tour, we cannot carry out the tour according to the program and price. In this case we will discuss the details and possibilities with you personally.