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    Snow hiking

    Experience the white landscapes of Svalbard on an exciting snow hike

    Climbing a mountain with your own feet is probably one of the most satisfying feelings of all. It can only be topped by a breathtaking view of the magical winter wonderland of Svalbard.

    A snow hike is the ideal activity to actively immerse yourself in the Arctic. An excursion, elegant in its simplicity!

    On glaciers and mountains - snow hikes for every level

    The trails around Longyearbyen are varied and offer routes for all fitness levels and preferences. Each mountain offers its own characteristic view and shows a different facet of our beautiful island. The extra dose of the Arctic comes with a glacier hike, which can also be combined with a mountain.

    Depending on the snow conditions, we will either be travelling with or without snowshoes.

    This is the equipment you should pack for a snow hike

    In addition to classic hiking equipment such as sturdy shoes, we recommend that you pack plenty of warm clothing for a snow hike on Svalbard. We have put together a small list for you:

    • Good footwear (sturdy, warm hiking boots that reach above the ankle)
    • Water and windproof outer layer
    • Warm woollen ski underwear
    • Warm gloves including undergloves
    • Warm woollen socks
    • Face protection (Buff)

    You can find even more information on the right clothing and a packing list to download in our arctic clothing guide.


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