Picture gallery: Dark season in Svalbard
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    Picture gallery

    Dark Season

    Longyearbyen Airport by night
    Global Seat Vault at night from the outside
    Global Seat Vault at night
    Person on a snow hike in an ice cave
    Putting spikes on shoes for a snow hike
    Explore an ice cave in Longyearbyen
    Snowmobile ride in a canyon on Svalbard
    Northern lights on Svalbard
    Cabin with polar lights on Svalbard
    Villa Fredheim on Spitsbergen with Northern Lights
    Cabin on Svalbard in winter
    Mine on Svalbard in winter
    Plateau mountain close to Longyearbyen in the dark season
    Longyearbyen in the dark season
    Hut life among northern lights
    Sukkertoppen mountain with northern lights
    Longyearbyen in January during the polarnight
    When exploring an ice cave, it is also worth looking up.
    Small harbor in Longyearbyen in the dark time with ice.