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    Picture gallery

    Blue hours

    Temple mountain on Svalbrad
    Glacier in winter in the Arctic
    Frozen fjord in the Arctic
    Polar lights on Svalbard
    EISCAT close to Longyearbyen
    Northern light observatory close to Longyearbyen
    The global seed vault in the soon finishing polarnight
    A trip to Larsbreen ice cave at dusk
    The hours of light in the
    On the way with the snowmobiles unbelievably great light atmosphere in the
    Impressive ice watching during a snowmobile tour
    Enjoying the arctic silence in Adventdalen at the
    Reindalen and Fullmoon
    On the way with dogslede
    Radisson Blu Polar Hotel Svalbard
    The blue hours season
    Snowscooter trip in the blue hours season
    Seed Vault in Svalbard
    Blue hours in Svalbard