Picture gallery: The blue hours
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    Picture gallery

    Blue hours

    Die Landschaft Spitzbergens während der blauen Stunde
    Hafen von Barentsburg
    Barentsburg Harbour
    Orthodox Church in Barentsburg
    Various buildings in front of Berg in Barentsburg
    Building in Barensburg in front of a snow-covered mountain
    Orthodox Church in Barentsburg
    Lenin head in Barentsburg at blue hour
    Lenin head in snow in Barentsburg
    Barentsburg in der blauen Stunde
    Post office with mail sledge in Barentsburg
    Downtown Barentsburg with snowmobile
    The Red Bear Pub in Barentsburg
    Hotel in Barentsburg
    Downtown Barentsburg in the blue hour
    Barentsburg town sign with snowmobile
    Barentsburg town sign against a mountain backdrop
    Coal-fired power plant in Barentsburg against a mountain backdrop
    Two snowmobiles in the snowy landscape of Svalbard
    Ice field in front of Bergen during the blue hour on Svalbard