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    Day & Two Day Tours

    Sightseeing Longyearbyen

    Welcome to Svalbard. We will pick you up and take you on a guided tour of Longyearbyen. On this two-hour tour with our minibus you will get to know the northernmost small town in the world and its surroundings intensively. With many exciting stories and personal anecdotes from the past and present life in the Arctic metropolis.

    On the days when a cruise ship visits our settlement, we offer Longyearbyen sightseeing tours only. These take place throughout the day. For more information and exact times, please send us a request with the date of arrival and the name of the cruise ship.

    The distances are so short in Longyearbyen, so from experience we can start the first tour quite relaxed half an hour after arrival. Our last sightseeing we have always planned to have enough time to be back on board before departure.

    Longyearbyen Sightseeing

    Longyearbyen Sightseeing

    Coal cable car in Longyearbyen

    Sightseeing and Hiking