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    Picture gallery


    Evening romance at Liefdefjorden
    Airship mast in Ny Ålesund
    Hiorthfjellet in Svalbard
    Sunset in Svalbard
    Isfjord Radio
    Longyearbyen Sightseeing
    Longyearbyen Sightseeing
    RIB-Boat trips in Svalbard
    RIB-Boat trips in Svalbard
    RIB-Boat trips in Svalbard
    With sledge dogs on wheels
    Doglsedding trips in Svalbard
    Sightseeing with dogsledding on wheels
    Doglsedding on wheels in Svalbard
    Doglsedding in Svalbard
    Globus Pyramiden
    Filmteam in Svalbard