14-day Svalbard Sailing Expedition
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    Additional information to the indicated prices

    The prices shown are only indicative; the final price will be determined according to individual program design. The following factors, among others, may cause major price changes:

    • A cabin with private bathroom can also be booked for an extra EUR 600. There are two cabins of these in total.
    • For single travellers who are willing to share a cabin (gender-separated), the double room price applies.
    • It is also possible to book a single cabin for an additional charge.

    14-day sailing expedition with the SV Meander

    June - September

    In 2024 this tour is conducted exclusively in German. It is therefore only possible for German speakers to take part in this tour.

    You are standing at the railing of the sailing ship Meander: below you the Arctic Ocean, in front of you the deep blue of a gigantic glacier. The sun is in the sky around the clock, only the regular hum of the ship's engine joins the silence. You feel the peace and remoteness - the noise of everyday life is far away - at the same time you have the urge to experience and to discover this unique landscape.

    Experience unique moments on our 14-day German-speaking boat expedition with the SV Meander. Together we leave the hustle and bustle of inhabited areas and dive into the fjords, glaciers and landscapes of the rugged north of Spitsbergen. Here, the short Arctic summer shows itself in its full glory: reindeer graze on meadows of wildflowers, walruses lie relaxed on the beach and countless bird species circle around the cliffs. In order to experience these moments up close, we will change into the dinghies every day and explore the immediate surroundings either from the boat or during shore excursions. You will be guided by our German-speaking guides with their many years of experience of the nature and history of the Arctic island.

    The compact ship with its shallow draft and our small group size give us the flexibility to venture into areas that are difficult for other ships to access. This allows us to reach landing sites away from regular shipping traffic and often anchor overnight in beautiful small bays or in front of impressive glacier fronts. On our expedition, we will not follow a pre-planned route - rather, we will allow wind, weather, ice and animal sightings to influence our daily planning.

    Set sail! Whenever the wind is favourable, we will hoist the sails. It is an indescribable experience to glide through the wild arctic nature driven by the wind. You are welcome to join in the sailing. Under the expert guidance of the captain and his crew, you can not only get to know Spitsbergen intensively, but also enjoy a real sailing experience.

    Are you ready for your Arctic adventure? Then give us a call on +4795200055 or send us an email at info@spitzbergen-reisen.no!

    Day 1

    Learn about Longyearbyen's history and culture

    Welcome to Spitsbergen! As soon as you get off the plane, your German-speaking guide will greet you at Longyearbyen airport. After you have checked into your accommodation in the city, you will go on an exciting guided tour of the city, during which you will get to know the diversity of the northernmost small town in the world. Feel the special atmosphere of the town and discover the treasures of the famous Svalbard Museum. There you will get your first impressions of the flora and fauna as well as the history of Svalbard, which you will experience at first hand later on the ship expedition.

    Your first night will be spent in one of the many accommodations in Longyearbyen.

    Here you can find more information about Arrival to Spitsbergen.

    Day 2

    All on deck - It's boarding time

    Day 3 - 14

    Our adventure with SV Meander

    Day 15

    Time to say goodbye

    Route of the 14-day ship expedition with the SV Meander on Svalbard



    DZ: 9.750 € p.P.

    EZ: 18.000 € p.P.


    Tour length: 15 Days

    This tour can be done between the following months:

    • June - September

    Please contact us to arrange an exact time frame.


    You don't need any special previous knowledge to participate in this tour.

    Program activities are always weather dependent and the implementation of scheduled activities may be changed or cancelled due to safety concerns.

    Sailing with SV Meander

    The traditional rigging and the robust underwater hull make this two-master a particularly safe sailing vessel at sea and in the ice. Due to its shape and length, the Meander moves smoothly through the water. The easy handling of the sails and the good sailing characteristics also invite people without sailing experience to join in.

    In the deckhouse there is a cosy saloon with a separate kitchen and a view of the surroundings. A fridge for drinks is available. Cash should be brought along for this. Below deck are the double cabins, each with a washbasin. Two separate showers and three separate toilets are also installed. The two cabins in the forecastle have a private bathroom attached.

    There is good central heating on board for the cold days.

    Meals are served in the saloon. This is where you meet in the afternoon for a cup of coffee or tea and a freshly baked cake, or where the guides present exciting lectures in the evening hours. The wheelhouse is the heart of the ship. Here you will find all the equipment you need to sail safely across the oceans. It is also a wonderful place to hang out, steer or take part in the watch.

    Even without wind, the Meander makes good progress. A four-cylinder MAK M423 from 1960 powers the ship and is a reliable marine engine. It is really fun to watch and, above all, listen to this low-speed engine (265 rpm). The 300 hp make the Meander a powerful and economical ship that brings us safely to our destination even without wind.

    Do you he questions about the trip to Svalbard?

    Open FAQ


    This tour can be done between the following months:

    • June - September

    Please contact us to arrange an exact time frame.

    Private tour:

    For groups we are happy to offer private tours, which can be freely designed in terms of content. Together we can put together a program exactly according to your wishes and ideas. A private tour is somewhat more expensive, but offers many advantages and privileges both in the program design, as well as in the implementation of the trip here on Svalbard.

    Discover the Arctic privately with your friends!

    Included in the tour price

    Not included in the tour price

    • Flights


    • Polar bears are protected on Svalbard and must not be searched for or disturbed. Sightings are never guaranteed and you must keep your distance from them for safety reasons.
    • If the minimum number of participants is not reached one month before the start of the tour, we cannot carry out the tour according to the program and price. In this case we will discuss the details and possibilities with you personally.