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    Accommodation on Svalbard

    Hotels, guesthouses and lodges on Svalbard

    We are happy to organize your accommodation in the various hotels, guesthouses and lodges on Svalbard.


    Longyearbyen is the main town of Svalbard, offering a wide range of accommodations, from basic to upscale. The following accommodations are available in Longyearbyen:

    Radisson Blu Polar Hotel Svalbard

    Radisson Blu Polar Hotel

    Polar Bear Lodge

    The Polar Bear Lodge

    Funken Lodge, Svalbard

    Funken Lodge

    Svalbard Hotel, Longyearbyen

    Svalbard Hotel

    Basecamp Hotel Svalbard

    Basecamp Hotel

    Coal Miners Cabin

    Coal Miners Cabin

    Gjestehuset 102

    Guesthouse 102

    Mary Ann's Polarriggen

    Mary-Anns Polarriggen

    Svalbard Hotel The Vault, Longyearbyen

    Svalbard Hotel - The Vault

    Haugen Pensjonat

    Haugen Pensjonat

    Isfjord Radio

    Isfjord Radio is an old radio station in the very west of Svalbard, which has been converted into a beautiful hotel:

    Isfjord Radio