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    Arrival to Svalbard

    Important information for the start of your vacation

    Getting to Svalbard is a little different than most places and therefore not so straightforward.

    Passport control

    Even though Svalbard is a part of the Norwegian Kingdom and Norway has signed the Schengen Agreement, a passport must be carried, because Svalbard is located outside the Schengen Agreement.

    International flight

    As a result, when you change planes in Oslo, you first have to get your luggage from the conveyor belt and then go through the checkpoint again with your luggage. Svalbard, a domestic flight? Beware! Special regulations apply to Svalbard and the plane departs from the international gate. This does not apply to flights via Tromsø to Longyearbyen.

    From the airport to the hotel

    Once you arrive in Longyearbyen, everything becomes very manageable. The airport is small and just at the exit there are cabs and buses ready to take you to the settlement about 4 kilometers away.

    We will be happy to pick you up from the airport with our minibus.

    Book a flight

    Book your flight to Svalbard yourself with: