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    Experience the breathtaking beauty of Svalbard from a kayak.

    Svalbard is a true paradise for nature lovers. Immerse yourself in a world of majestic glaciers, breathtaking fjords and abundant wildlife. And what better way to explore this untouched wilderness than a kayak tour along the coast of Svalbard?

    What to expect on a kayak tour

    From your kayak you will be close to the unique nature of Svalbard and get to places that are hard to reach. Always be on the lookout for the fascinating Arctic inhabitants that call these waters home. Watch majestic walruses lying comfortably on the shore or a variety of exciting seabirds. With a little patience and luck, you may also spot polar bears or seals.

    Whether through glassy or rougher waters, you can get from A to B safely in a double kayak and enjoy a walk or a longer hike in combination with this activity. No matter if you are a beginner or already experienced in kayaking; your guide will decide which route to take depending on the weather and the fitness level of the participants.

    Do I need special equipment for a kayak tour?

    On all kayak tours on Svalbard you will be equipped with everything you need. This includes a kayak, a paddle and a special dry suit with kayak boots and gloves to keep you dry even in rough weather.

    Underneath the suit, it is advisable to wear warm clothing such as woollen socks and long pants. Wear a woollen hat on your head.

    Ready for your kayak adventure? We offer both day tours and kayaking as part of a weekly programme.

    You want to get out on the Arctic waters, but like it a bit more leisurely? Then have a look at our boat trips.


    • We will pick you up at your accommodation in Longyearbyen.
    • Medium fitness level required, previous kayaking experience advantageous but not essential


    Day & Two Day Tours