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    A dog sled tour on Svalbard puts you right in the middle of the world of huskies.

    Glide alone or in pairs with your dog sled through the unique landscape - constantly accompanied by joyful dog barking and the ringing of the harnesses. At the latest now you can feel the joy and enthusiasm of the Polar explorers for this overwhelming nature.

    How does a tour with the dog sled work?

    Immediately after arriving at the dog park, the dog sled driver - the musher - will show you which dogs you will spend the day with. You will learn how to harness the dogs, which criteria are important when choosing the animals and how to drive the sledge. Afterwards you will go out into the rough nature of the Arctic.

    If you're lucky, you'll even get to visit the puppy house and pet the little huskies after your tour.

    Become a musher yourself and choose a tour that suits you, which we offer in cooperation with our English-speaking partners.

    Do I need special equipment for a dog sled tour?

    On your tour with the dogs you will be provided with a suit, boots and gloves. These are designed for the arctic temperatures and weather on Svalbard. You should dress warmly under the suit, for example with long pants and thick woollen socks.

    You want to go to Svalbard in summer and still experience the dogs? No problem, here is the Dog sled on wheels.


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