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    Boat trips

    Experience unforgettable boat tours on Svalbard

    Roads on Svalbard are a rarity. Therefore, experience the fascination of the Arctic waters on an exciting boat tour on Svalbard. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the rugged coastlines, majestic glaciers and fascinating wildlife.

    Various routes and experiences

    Explore a variety of boat tours offering different routes and experiences. Whether you want to explore the picturesque fjords, set off for majestic glaciers or observe the unique wildlife with walruses, birds and whales, you will find the ideal tour for you.

    Adventure or comfort on board?

    The boats on which you can experience a tour are as unique as the routes. Feel the wind and the adventure on one of the different speedboat tours or glide comfortably through the waves of the Arctic Ocean on one of the larger ships. The choice is yours - although we recommend you try both to experience all that Svalbard has to offer!

    You can book a ship tour as part of a weekly programme or as a day tour. Just take a look at our programmes below.


    Event tours

    Expedition cruises

    Day & Two Day Tours