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    Boat trips

    Roads are a rarity on Spitsbergen. That's why we switch to boats as a means of transport at every opportunity. Various boat trips, also in the immediate vicinity, bring the feeling of an expedition-cruise-trip a little closer. There are various excursion destinations to choose from. Be it a visit to a neighbouring coal mine settlement, one of the many glacier fronts in the Isfjord or one of the impressive bird cliffs. On the water, you are always accompanied by geology, history and wildlife. It makes you want more and you can hardly get out of the amazement - there is so much to discover!

    Equipment and packing list:

    Bring your own:

    • Warm wool ski underwear
    • Gloves, hat
    • Warm woolen socks and good shoes
    • Binoculars (optional)
    • Camera (optional)

    A detailed packing list will be sent to you after booking.


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