Picture gallery: Summer in Svalbard
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    Picture gallery


    A walrus on an ice floe
    A whale's fin sticking out of the water during a snowfall
    Two walruses lying on the beach
    A ship sailing through a fjord on Svalbard
    People watching a walrus on the beach from the ship
    A shipwreck on the beach of Svalbard
    A mountain during a ship expedition
    Several people at a landing off the Arctic Ocean
    Occupied inflatable boats in front of a glacier front
    Inflatable boats in front of a glacier front
    Hike on Svalbard in the Arctic
    Common guillemot at Alkefjellet
    Polar bear in summer
    Kayak in the arctic
    Arctic tern Svalbard
    Kayaking on Svalbard
    Hike on svalbard
    Hike on a ship expedition
    View through a porthole at a glacier
    The bow of the sailing ship Meander in front of a glacier