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    Adventfjorden at Longyearbyen in summer

    Picture gallery


    Sailing in Svalbard on the sailing ship Meander
    Sailingboat Meander
    Humpback whale at Storfjord
    Iceberg at Monacobreen
    Polarfox in its summer coat
    Crevasses on a glacierhike
    Glacier in the Arctic
    River in the Arctic
    View to the glacier Nordenskioldbreen on Svalbard
    Mountains and lakes on Svalbard
    Flowers on Svalbard close to Brucebyen
    A abandoned building in Pyramiden
    Russian ghost town
    Town Pyramiden from the water
    Nordenskiöldbreen glacier on Svalbard
    Colorful mountains in the Arctic
    Mountains in Spitsbergen
    Deck of polargirl in the Isfjord
    Ship trip with Polargirl on Svalbard