Picture gallery: The light winter in Svalbard | Spitzbergen Reisen AS
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    Picture gallery

    Light winter

    with the snowmobile on a winter expedition
    snowstorm on Svalbard
    Geological formations on Svalbard
    Tent expedition on Svalbard
    scooter in winter
    Spitsbergen reindeers
    snow expedition on Spitsbergen
    Snowscooter on sea ice
    Snow tour in the Arctic
    glacier with crevasses
    viewing point on a snowscooter tour
    Snow rain in cold temperatures with hot water
    Snowmobile guide Chris in the Arctic
    Driving snowscooter in the evening on Svalbard
    Ski expedition in the Arctic
    On the sea ice in Tempelfjord
    Expedition to Svalbard under the midnight sun
    Arctic wilderness