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    Day & Two Day Tours

    Day trip by speedboat

    Experience Svalbard in an adventurous way and in small groups from aboard a speedboat!

    The day trips with the speedboat are something very special, as you experience the unique nature of Svalbard with its glaciers and animals on the one hand and feel the pure adventure through the wind and the speed on board the boat on the other hand.

    The speed boats are usually so-called RIB boats. These are inflatable boats with a solid hull and an external engine, which makes them particularly manoeuvrable and fast. Depending on the tour, the speedboats are offered as closed or open versions. With the closed version you sit in the dry, so to speak, while with the open RIB boats you feel the direct wind and the sea. You are protected against the cold and wet by a special suit.

    Depending on how much adventure you want, we recommend a tour with an open or closed speedboat.

    This tour is not available for guests coming from cruise ships.


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