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    Dogs in Svalbard



    At the heart of it instead of just being there... On this excursion you will experience a day in the life of a musher. In the preparation, as well as in the follow-up of a dog sled tour you will be actively involved and get to know the dogs, with which you spend the whole day. You will learn what criteria are used to put together a dog team and after harnessing your dog team you will set off...far out into the rough nature. Far away from the snowmobile tracks. Silent gliding through the unique landscape of Spitsbergen, accompanied by the joyful barking of the dogs and the tingling crackling under your feet - yes, at the latest now you can feel the joy and enthusiasm of the polar explorers for this overwhelming nature.

    Equipment and packing list:

    The equipment for dog sledding is included in the tour.

    Please bring your own:

    • Warm woolen ski underwear
    • Gloves to wear under thick gloves
    • Warm wool socks
    • Face protection (Buff)


    Week tours

    Day & Two Day Tours