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    Adventfjorden at Longyearbyen in summer


    Dog sled on wheels

    With the summer version of the well-known dog sleds you will go out into the Endalen with a special sled version on wheels. After getting to know the four-legged friends, you will learn what to expect on today's tour. During the preparations as well as after the tour you will be actively integrated in the procedures. As soon as all dogs are harnessed, the journey begins. On gravel roads it goes off by the arctic tundra, enjoy the completely special atmosphere to be pulled together by the dogs through the versatile landscape of Spitsbergen. On the way you have the opportunity to experience and discover the flora and fauna up close during the small drinking breaks.

    Equipment and packing list:

    The equipment for dog sledding is included in the tour.

    Please bring your own:

    • Warm (appropriate to the weather) woolen ski underwear
    • Gloves to wear under thick gloves
    • Warm wool socks
    • Face protection (Buff)


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